Founded in 2019, is the manifestation of a shared vision to revolutionize the way students and universities engage in their international mobility goals. Both students and universities experience a broken system globally wherein major inefficiencies in this system have only made middlemen and companies exploiting these inefficiencies richer, without contributing – in any way – to improving the lives of the real stakeholders.

The best that is available today to students is a harrowing experience of having to go through multiple web resources, transacting their data to get some information, and then being left to figure things out on their own –or with middlemen and companies biased against students coming from different backgrounds -and in that process being alienated from an incredible international career.

At Libereka, we believe that every student deserves a chance to tell an incredible story of themselves through their higher education, and to do that we have created a platform that delivers end-to-end application preparation – starting from matching them to the best universities, accessing free preparation content & video courses, getting professional support to build an application, making university applications safe through Application Immunity, throughhelping students receive micro-funding when they have a confirmed admission offer via scholarships on the blockchain.

We have even started a not-for-profit services module perusing a community of alumni from the best universities in the world to deliver low-cost admissions consulting services,as well as, full admissions support services with an aim to ensure that money is not the deciding factor or the difference in creating an excellent application to a top university.

The Libereka team comes from diverse backgrounds and speaks multiple languages, however, we share a common vision of improving access to education and its enablement to ensure that students from any country – and any background – can claim the best start to an incredible future.