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Professional Résumé Editing for University Applications only


When applying to an international university for master’s and bachelor’s programs, it is often necessary to provide a Résumé compiled according to academic standards. In many cases, the Résumé becomes the first component of the application, which is reviewed by the selection committee at a university.

Our professional team of experts (who are alumni from some of the best universities in the world, such as Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, etc.) will help you make a positive first-impression by correctly writing your Résumé. We do not have “templates” for a Résumé, so the document will be exclusively individual and will help reveal your true profile.

If you are wondering as to whether you should write your Résumé first or work on your motivation letter, then the answer is that it’s best to prepare the Résumé first. The reasons are – firstly, the Résumé showcases main facts of your biography, and will strengthen the application for admission, which will already be highlighted by us. Also, when drawing up a motivation letter, you can rely on the selected parameters in your Résumé that would have been thought through.

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